Rabu, 30 Maret 2016

Knee Injury, Mathieu Will Undergo Surgery

Barcelona-Barcelona confirm that Jeremy Mathieu suffered a knee injury. Due to injury, Defender France was obliged to ride the operating table.

Mathieu received the injury when it strengthens friendship matches against France on Russia, Wednesday (30/3/2016). Mathieu influent as a substitute early in the second half it was just a fight over the field for eight minutes.

After undergoing tests, note if the meniscus in right knee ripped Mathieu. 32-year-old Defender it would undergo surgery in Thursday (31/3/2016) when local.

"FC Barcelona Defender Jeremy Mathieu suffered the injury on Tuesday when the international make France versus Russia," so the sound statement on Barca's official website.

"This morning's Tests confirm that Mathieu suffered a tear in the meniscus in his right knee. The player will undergo the operation on Thursday by doctor Ricard Pruna and Ramos Cugat, "continued the statement.

Rather there is the official coverage based on Barca how obsolete Mathieu will be absent. But similar injuries usually need a one month time to heal.

With such, Mathieu certainly absent in Barcelona vs Real Madrid this weekend. So far, Mathieu already appears 19 times in La Union create Blaugrana.

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