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Lemon facial mask benefits and how to make it

The benefits of Masks paras lime and how to prepare it – lime juice is rich in vitamin C, citric acid, flavonoids and antioxidants to neutralize free radicals action reply and boost our immune. There are many health benefits based on lime, you are able to read here.

In addition to the many benefits for health, lime is also used for a popular beauty treatments, natural ingredients is very handsome for skin health and help overcome an awful lot of problem skin such as acne.

The Benefits Of Lime Juice To The Face

1. Reducing Bacteria

A great many cases the skin surface such as acne, blackheads and blemishes due to blockage of the pores of the skin by bacteria. Lemons have antibiotic properties that are able to kill various bacteria in the skin surface that clog pores.

2. So toned pores

Create an effective astringent so toned skin. That's the reason why the astringent is often used in skin care and beauty products. Lime juice has astringent properties and are able to be used to order tighter pores and reduce oil.

3. Remove dead skin

Lemon contains citric acid useful to exfoliate skin cells died.

How To Make A Lemon Facial Mask

One way to wear lime to make it into a face is a mask, here are some recipes and how to make a facial mask from lime:

1. Lemon and honey

Acid in lime juice to help peel off dead skin cells and resulted in your face looks radiant. In addition, it is also able to help heal Acne as well as versus infection.

Honey is loaded with nutrients and antioxidants reply proved to help reduce dirt on the skin as well as help versus mild acne. In addition also helps restore the skin's texture and will repair damaged skin, according to exposure to sunshine and pollution.

– 3 tablespoons lime juice
– 3 tablespoons pure honey

How to: pour all ingredients into a bowl, then beat up on mixed equally. Apply this mask at paras you, ignore for 25 minutes then rinse with warm water.

Pat dry with a towel by way of ditepuk, then apply oil-free moisturizer as well as neck at paras.

2. Lime Juice and egg white

Egg white helps reduce excess sebum way shrink skin pores paras. In addition, the egg white is nevertheless mejadikan you skin is firmer.

While lemon for example yg already mentioned, these berries make a wonderful enlightening kukit and raised the dead skin cells.

Lemon is also a natural source of vitamin C and rich in alpha hydroxy acids.

The mask level combination according to the egg whites and lime juice to help resolve things acne or oily skin.

– 1 egg white
– water from the ½ lemon

How to:
1. Mix the egg white until slightly foamy
2. stir lime juice
3. Apply this mask on your face, avoid the eye area and oral
4. Leave on for approximately 30 minutes
5. Rinse with warm water
6. Apply moisturizer

Side effects of lime juice to the face

When your skin is sensitive to lemon, lime menerepkan exclusively on the face is capable of resulting in the skin you as too sensitive to sunshine.

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