Selasa, 29 Maret 2016

EgyptAir Plane Hijacked

EgyptAir Plane hijackers a professor at the University of Egypt

The passengers were held hostage were freed (REUTERS/Yiannis Kourtoglou) Cairo-proof themselves men Egypt airline hijackers, EgyptAir is already known. Egypt-born man turned out to be a former Professor of medicine at the University of the fauna of Alexandria, Egypt.

Male perpetrators hijack identified named Ibrahim Abdel Tawwab Samaha. Delivered the University's site, for example, reported by Reuters, Thursday (29/3/2016), the Samaha was recorded to be head of the culinary Department of health on campus.

Egypt News Agency, reported MENA, perpetrators of piracy is sitting in a Chair number K38 in aircraft types Airbus 320. The plane left for lucrative domestic routes by city Alexandria toward Cairo, Egypt that was hijacked and forced to land at the international Airport Larnaca, Cyprus.

Separately, CYBC, Cyprus media reported allegations of the existence of a direct motive on the back action of piracy. Based on CYBC, perpetrators of piracy had someone's ex-wife in Cyprus.

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