Selasa, 29 Maret 2016

Kopassus, Denjaka till Den Bravo Ready Free 10 CITIZENS are held hostage

A total of 10 CITIZENS held hostage the hordes of Abu Sayyaf in the Philippines. Indonesia national army had stationed prepare personnel create help liberate hostages, including from specific forces.

"if our personnel preparation. Prepared only. At any time the requested we are ready, "said Kapen Kopassus Lieutenant Colonel Joko Tri Hadimantoyo Inf when confirmed detikcom Tuesday (29/3/2016).

Some of the information circulating that the TNI middle set up special teams make the liberation of the hostages. However from Kopassus himself acknowledged there is not yet a command to perform the operation.

"It's the Government's authority. If the commanding general, we were told to be ready. If there was such an event, it usually has been appointed his men. We are preparing, "the term Joko.

Not only from the troops of Kopassus, Indonesia's national army also acknowledge any AL ready when asked to plunge. The Government also is already coordinating with the police party of the Republic of Indonesia and the INDONESIAN ARMED FORCES to help so that the process of release of hostages can be done.

"While we wait for the diplomatic track first. But who'll Indonesia national armed forces, particularly the national army Indonesia AL, when prompted please help us is ready. We have a case or nir Indonesia national army patrols in AL always roll out the jurisdiction, "explained Kadispenal Colonel Edi Sucipto when contacted separately.

Indonesia national army AL still waiting for orders from the Commander of the Indonesia national army General Gatot Nurmantyo. Including whether Denjaka yg will be lowered if it is necessary.

"We leave it to the experts, the permission of the Commander of the national army Indonesia yg chooses, because he has that authority. YG is sure he will not wrong, "said Edi.

"but obviously, there are or there are incidents of nir we always perform the operation in order to better enforce sovereignty. We are always ready, "continued the former soldier Denjaka.

Meanwhile for the specific unit of the AIR FORCE Paskhas fielded forces ready, elitenya, Den Bravo. Some of the names of the soldiers are ready to get any respite.

"it is undoubtedly Bravo yg prepared. It was certain, but Nah names may be mentioned. Attorneys prepare create grow are the ones that are idle at any time when there is the calling task, "explains Lieutenant Colonel Paskhas Kapen Sus Rifaid on the discussion.

Rifaid mentions, it's the task of the TNI to always on standby. It's just that until this time, the new Paskhas were ordered to stand by and be engaged whenever requested.

"if we are ready, when our soldiers are expected to be ready when the 24 hours. Ready to be driven. Our presence is needed, however that we are ready, "he said.

"up to now there are still command, new in the form of standby. If needed, there was no term ready, "nir pungkas Rifaid.

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