Selasa, 29 Maret 2016

Police in Bekasi Net Taxpayer vehicle with Pay in place

Apparatus Polsek Jatiasih, Bekasi, deploying an integrated operation with Dispenda, services as well as Bank Raharja BJB to trawl the tax should be. His target is the owner of the vehicle that its VEHICLE REGISTRATION is deceased.

"The Integrated Operations take action so that riders pay taxes/penalties in place, particularly the lucrative annual tax kendaraanya died," explained Kasubag Publicist Polres Bekasi City Iptu Praise Astuti told detikcom Tuesday (29/3/2016).

The integrated operation held under the bridge JLJ on Jl Raya Jatiasih, Bekasi that lasted from morning until 14.00 GMT. The operation was led by Evidenced Jatiasih Kompol Aslan Tiem yg involves 50 personnel based on Dispenda, as well as the attendant Polsek Bank BJB Raharja and services.

Offenders are asked to pay vehicle tax in place (Doc Publicist Polres Bekasi City)

Praise delivered the operation held since Monday (1/3) until Wednesday (30/3) tomorrow. "Will be held on the territory of another Polsek," he added.

On the 2nd day of the operation, the officers crawl 95 offenders pay taxes in place. Officers also seized 25 pieces of speeding tickets in the form of 21 VEHICLE REGISTRATION and LICENCE 4.

"The seizure of VEHICLE REGISTRATION and DRIVER'S LICENSE made against those who could not pay their taxes," he added.

Praise the add operation is done make raising people's vehicle owner's enlightenment make paying taxes mounts.

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