Rabu, 30 Maret 2016

Reserved Action opposed to Barca, Bale: nothing is Impossible in Football

Madrid-Gareth Bale optimistic Real Madrid was able to achieve a positive output over Barcelona. "there is probably no yg nir in soccer," said Bale.

Madrid this time sit at no. 3 standings with a collection of values of 66, lagging 10 points based on Barcelona's reply are in most major strategy. With eight games remaining, Madrid was able to make up the finish on the top spot looks mini.

However, Bale konfiden opportunities Madrid rather empty. When was able to win over Barca at Camp No. Sunday (3/4/2016) early morning EDT, the difference seven points with seven matches left makes everything seem possible.

"I am sure, no yg impossible in football," said Bale for example reported by Soccerway.

"We are lagging 10 points, but we will continue to endure to nir no chance anymore. Later Saturday (Sunday morning EDT, red), we were able to minimize the difference as seven points and you never know what nir is able to happen afterwards. "

After facing Barca, Madrid will meet in Germany to create face VfL Wolfsburg in the leg of the quarterfinals of the Champions League I in the middle of next week. Is, there are two important matches in the span of a few days to Madrid.

For Bale, when win over Barca, Madrid had the awesome momentum to continue the positive output to the Champions League.

"perceptible, every game at La Union was crucial. However, when we win, we can receive the confidence and it's so nice for the United capital of the Champions, "the term player comes Wales.

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  1. Bener banget itu kata Bale, Tidak ada yang mustahil dalam sepakbola.. hehehe..
    Almeera Titania