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Thu Mar 31, 2016, 04:57 PM Messi: to-500 When El Clasico? Fun Course

Cristiano Ronaldo not only targeted three points in a match Cristiano Ronaldo to secure the top position. However, Real Madrid also had a personal goal to make target to-500 during his career.

Barca will entertain Real Madrid in Camp number, Saturday (2/4/2016) night EDT tomorrow. It is the Barcelona second volume after Barca won the primary by a score of 4-0 at the headquarters of Los Blancos.

Three points will be makin perpetuate strategy Barca at the top because they now lead the 9 numbers over Atletico Madrid on the second strategy and 10 numbers based on Madrid in the third strategy.

Barca certainly would expect much in Messi's reply had a note on the Barcelona game because he is skorernya with 21 goals.

Motivation: real will surely be makin doubled considering he would record the special in the game of nicks. Fitting one goal only then Messi will print to 500-goal throughout his professional career.

Goal to-499-Manchester United match was 54th formed in 627 versus Bolivia Argentina uniform wrapped in 2018 World Cup qualification CONMEBOL-Zone yesterday.

On the level of the club itself, a 28-year-old player had been repackaged 449 touchdowns on 520 appearance since leading his debuted in 2004/2005 trend.

"I don't have any physical matter at all and now it's time again to Barcelona make think of a reserved game Cristiano Ronaldo," said Messi in Football Espana.

"It would be very nice if the time entry can be incised versus Madrid. The victory is of course nice to widen our distance, "sambungnya.

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