Rabu, 30 Maret 2016

After Revert Myself on Pause, Moreno ready to hard work in the rest of the season

Liverpool - international distance so chance Alberto Moreno made recovering according to the injury and the rest. Now he is ready to work hard in the final phase of the animo make Liverpool.

Gap international opportunity Moreno to recover according to yg had pains he felt a nagging hamstring injury. Defender 23 years it was included in the squads that brought manager Juergen Klopp on the centrality of the exercise to Tenerife, Spain.

By practicing on warmer weather compared to the United Kingdom, Moreno admit it helps the process of restoration. Moreover, by having a calm session reply given Klopp, called refreshing the mind most yg squad was not called a task of the country.

"I started practicing with the team in Tenerife. Everything went well and I am sick of tasting any nir again. I hope being able to be ready for the next game against Tottenham and the rest of the fever of the issues, "he said on the Club's official website.

"The main Thing is to keep practicing and permanent fit, but it is true that after practice we had undergone several moments create a relax, go to the spa, as well as the beach. It helps us a little bit of clear mind. "

"However, during my travels yesterday, our nir just relax because we always thought a matter of sharing yourself and maximize your workout. Holistically, it was a great experience, "he added.

Liverpool have awaited action heavy cons Tottenham Hotspur at Anfield, Saturday (2/4/2016) night WIT this weekend. With only have nine matches remaining, Liverpool clearly cannot afford to waste any more points if interested finis at European zone tickets, particularly for the Champions League.

They also have a huge challenge in the quarterfinals the United Europa, where faced with Borussia Dortmund. But Moreno are excited by the challenge of the end of the current issues.

"We need to continue to work hard to achieve our goals. We're getting close with the Europa League title, even though we still have a number of game anymore, "he said.

"Nevertheless we still could sure which. The Premier League are more complicated, but we worked too hard to build better strategies in the standings, "Spain Defender demolished origin.

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